Tuesday 23 April 2024
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  1. Fee once paid will not be refunded under any circumstances, unless it is a duplicate payment. All such duplicate payments will be refunded upon proof of duplication by bank /UPI Reference No. by the subscriber.
  2. It is common that some banks refund the amount which could be transferred to our account due to any technical glitch, in about two or three days. Therefore in cases where funds are debited from your account and not credited to our account shall be looked into only after three days, and the subscriber may be required to produce a bank certificate that funds were not credited back, and we may ask for indemnity
  3. If a subscriber makes any payment by mistake for a wrong course, a mail may be sent to epratibha@eenadu.net for rectification. The fees for the right course will be retained and any balance amount will be refunded. In case the fees for the right course is higher than what was paid by the subscriber, the balance fee shall be paid by the subscriber within 24 hours from the time he is advised by Epratibha to pay the balance.
  1. Downloading video lessons, eBooks or any course material is not authorized and is specifically prohibited. If any subscriber downloads any video lesson, E-book or any other course material, his subscription is liable to be terminated without notice and such an event, the subscription paid by the subscriber shall not be refunded..

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